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Avita Anti-Acne Drug Information
A guide to the anti-acne drug named Avita, a topical retinoid composed of tretinoin, including side effects and usage tips.

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Avita is one of the older retinoid anti-acne topical drugs that contains tretinoin, derived from natural Vitamin A.

Newer retinoids based on a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A such as Differin and adapalene are just as effective as tretinoin with less irritation.

Retin A and Renova are other popular brand name tretinoin based retinoids.

Avita is available in both a cream for dry skin types and as a gel for oily skin types.

Retinoids such as Avita work towards eliminating acne by increasing skin cell turnover and changing the "stickiness" of the shedding skin cells.

This helps your pores from becoming clogged and forming comedones and inflammatory acne lesions. Unfortunately Avita can not be used at the same as benzoyl peroxide to kill the P. Acnes bacteria because tretinoin based medications break down chemically in the presense of BP.

The side effects of Avita are similar to other retinoids including burning, stinging, crusting, peeling and possible blistering of the skin. While using Avita you should also avoid excessive sunlight due to increased UV sensitivity.

I've never personally used Avita but I have heard from a friend that his tretinoin based retinoid cream, Retin-A, caused a lot of irritation initially, then his skin got used to the medication and his acne improved.

It's very important with any retinoid or topical acne medication to continue treatment even if you see no immediate improvement because it may take 6 to 12 weeks for the drug to fully have it's beneficial effects. Your acne may actually get worse after the first few weeks, but don't stop the therapy yourself without talking to your dermatologist.

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