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Azelex Anti-Acne Drug Information
A guide to the Azelex anti-acne medication including usage tips, side effects, results and treatment tips.

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Azelex® is one of the brand name topical anti-acne medications that contain a 20% concentration of azelaic acid.

Azelex is a topical antibacterial that works by killing the P. Acnes bacteria that is one of the major causes of inflammatory acne lesions.

This medication is also prescribed for Rosacea sufferers in addition to patients with acne.

Azelex is often combined with other topical acne medications including a tretinoin retinoid or oral antibiotics.

The possible side effects of Azelex include peeling, burning, stinging, redness, lightening of the skin, dryness and sensitivity to the sun.

Because of Azelex's tendency to lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation it may especially useful to patients with darker skin who want to expedite the healing of post acne staining.

If you experience any severe side effects be sure to contact your dermatologist, but don't stop using the medication if you only experience mild discomfort. It make take a few weeks for your skin to become accustomed to the drug and in that time your acne may worsen.

Azelex may be useful for people suffering from mild or moderate acne but I'd recommend that anyone with severe nodular or cystic acne read my Accutane journal and ask their dermatologist about oral "isotretinoin".

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