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Benzoyl Peroxide Anti-Acne Drug Information
A guide to Benzoyl Peroxide, a well known anti-acne drug, including side effects, results and usage guide.

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Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most common and popular anti-acne drugs around. Just about every commercial you see on TV selling OTC (over the counter) acne products includes benzoyl peroxide as the main active ingredient.

Some of the brand name products that include contain benzoyl peroxide include Oxy, ZapZit, Proactiv, and Clean&Clear.

Benzoyl Peroxide works by creating an oxygen rich environment on your skin upon application which the P. Acnes bacteria can not survive in.

For most people with mild or occasional acne outbreaks, benzoyl peroxide is one of the most effective OTC topical medications available.

All strengths of benzoyl peroxide or "BP" for short do not require a prescription.

Because of it's stability, benzoyl peroxide can be put into a variety of anti-acne product types including cleansing bars, liquid washes, masks, creams, lotions, moist cotton pads, and gels.

In my experience I've found that the lowest concentration of benzoyl peroxide available, 2.5%, works just as well as the "maximum strength" products that cost more, come with less product, irritate more,, and don't last as many days.

In high school, I remember using a variety of benzoyl peroxide containing products and my sensitive skin never responded well to the 10% or 20% BP products. On the other hand, some of my friends had a lot of success with the max strength products. As with anything in life, you might have to experiment with different things to see what works best for your skin type.

Benzoyl peroxide can be used once or twice a day and the side effects may include the usual burning, stinging, peeling, redness, crusting, and sensitivity to the sun that are associated with most topical anti-acne medications. It's also been known to cause bleaching of hair and clothing so don't apply benzoyl peroxide while wearing your favorite shirt.

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