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Renova Anti-Acne Drug Information
A guide to the tretinoin based anti-acne drug Renova including side effects, patient precautions, and usage guide.

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Renova is a brand name topical anti-acne medication that contains "tretinoin" which is in the "retinoid" family of drugs.

Renova and other tretinoin based drugs are derived from natural occurring Vitamin A.

Retinoids such as Renova, Retin-A, and Avita work by increasing skin cell turnover and keeping pores open.

This allows other topical medications such as antibiotics, or benzoyl peroxide to penetrate down into the hair follicle and kill the

Renova is usually prescribed for anti-aging purposes including reducing wrinkles but it can also be used for reducing acne vulgaris.

While using Renova you should avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays from tanning beds due to an increased risk of sunburns.

Do not apply the Renova topical medication to broken skin, near your eyes, mouth, nose or lips and wash it off immediately if you do get it on these areas.

Renova, like most retinoids, is on the FDA Category C list that suggests that they should not be used during or just before a pregnancy because the medication can affect an unborn fetus and pass through breast milk.

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