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Retin-A Micro Anti-Acne Drug Information
A guide to Retin-A Micro, a topical tretinoin based retinoid anti-acne drug, including side effects and patient precautions.

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Retin-A Micro is a newer formulation of the popular topical anti-acne drug "Retin-A", which is derived from naturally occurring Vitamin A.

Retin-A Micro, just like Retin-A, is a tretinoin based retinoid that works by helping to keep pores open and increase skin cell turnover.

Both the original and the "Micro" formulation contain the same "tretinoin" medication but Retin-A Micro has a patented "microsphere" delivery system that helps reduces or eliminate irritation.

The Retin-A Micro formulation causes less irritation by allowing the medication to absorb into the skin over time more slowly.

Some of the possible side effects of using Retin-A Micro could include stinging, burning, peeling, warmth on the face, redness, and itchiness. These common but mild side effects are usually not as bothersome with Retin-A Micro compared to the original formulation.

Another advantage of the newer Retin-A Micro is that it can be applied immediately after washing your face whereas the original Retin-A required a half hour period in between washing to let your skin rest.

While using Retin-A Micro you should avoid using tanning beds or exposure to the sun since the medication can cause an increased sensitivity to UV light.

The less common but severe side effects of Retin-A Micro could include a darkening of the treated skin, intense burning, or persistent peeling.

It is recommended that you NOT use Retin-A Micro while you are pregnant or breastfeeding your newborn baby since it's possible for tretinoin based retinoid anti-acne medications to pass through breast milk.

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