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Tazorac Anti-Acne Drug Information
A guide to "Tazorac", a prescription anti-acne medication, including side effects, treatment tips, and usage tips.

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Tazorac is a prescription anti-acne drug that contains the active ingredient "tazarotene", which is a topical retinoid.

Tazorac is one of the newer retinoids that compete with the older "tretinoin" based medications such as Retin-A, and Avita.

Most patients find that Tazorac is more irritating than other retinoids but it works just as well as tretinoin or adapalene.

Tazorac is also used to treat psoriasis, fine facial wrinkles and other skin disorders besides acne vulgaris.

All tazarotene based medications are on the FDA Category X list which means that under no circumstances should they be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some of the mild but common side effects of Tazorac include burning, stinging, peeling, redness, itchiness, and increased sensitivity to the sun. Most people find that these side effects become less noticeable after a few weeks when their skin has become accustomed to the medication.

A few severe but rare side effects of using Tazorac include any severe reaction with swelling of the throat, tongue, or face. If you experience any of these rare side effects or a change in your skin color you should stop using the medication and contact your doctor or dermatologist.

To use Tazorac properly you should wash your hands and face, pat dry, and wait another 20-30 minutes for the skin to completely dry. Then spread a thin film of the cream or gel over the entire affected area while avoiding unaffected areas to reduce the possibility of side effects. Try to avoid the eyes, ears, underside of nose, and broken or damaged skin.

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