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Does Sun Light Or Getting A Tan Help Acne?

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Exposure to the sun helps your body manufacture Vitamin D and may temporarily help clear up your acne. But the long term risk of sun damage and skin cancer are not worth the limited benefits.

Some anti-acne medications may cause your skin to become more sensitive to sun exposure than normal. So always read the patient precautions on your prescriptions before subjecting your skin to sunlight.

But please remember that a tan is actually mild sun damage which over time can lead to cancerous skin growths such as malignant melanoma.

Just a few quick minutes each day of sun exposure is enough time for the body to create all the Vitamin D necessary to avoid a definiciency.

Even though a tan may temporarily make your face look better because it evens out the red marks from past breakouts, the sun damage may prompt your body to produce more oil to repair the dried out skin which will may cause even more severe future breakouts.

To put it bluntly, when you're battling acne, stay out of the sun and avoid tanning beds. I'd rather have lily white skin and use self tanning sprays than look like a leather hand bag when I'm older.

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