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When Should I See A Dermatologist About My Acne?

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If you're reading this website, then you've probably suffered with acne long enough. Visit my Dermatologist Directory.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist or have your parents do it for you. Some dermatologists even have the ability to schedule appointments online built into their websites.

If you've tried all the OTC (over the counter) creams, washes, lotions, etc in the stores and you still can't get satisfactory control over your acne, then you would benefit from the professional help that a dermatologist can provide.

If you have persistent moderate or severe acne then don't wait too long to get started on a treatment. Nodular acne that is left untreated can cause permanent scarring.

When in doubt, see a doctor. Trust me, I wish I had taken my own advice in high school when my skin started worsening by the day.


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