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OTC (Over The Counter) Anti-Acne Product Nightmare -  # 1 1997

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Before my senior year of high school, I had consistently clear skin with maybe one zit every few months.

In 1997 I became a senior and was just about to graduate high school when I started to notice a few pimples appearing on my face from time to time.

As graduation neared, my breakouts starting happening more frequently. One set of blemishes nearly ruined my senior class pictures but they finished healing the day before my appointment with the photographer.

That experience sent me out looking for some anti-acne products to use in the future.

I chose Clearasil Cream with Benzoyl Peroxide to spot treat pimples at night since it was one of the most popular brands at the time.

Then I also started using the Oxy brand medicated cleansing pads which contained salicylic acid to help slough off dead skin, remove oil from my face, and keep my pores open.

The final part of my regiment was cleaning my face two times a day with plain old Dove soap. I found that the Dove Classic Beauty Bar (non-comedogenic a.k.a. "doesn't clog your pores) with it's 1/4 moisturizing cream helped gently clean my skin while keeping it from drying out too much.

My acne in 1997 could still be considered very mild but it was starting to become a bit bothersome. I had limited success with the Clearasil BP Cream, Oxy Pads, and Dove soap but mostly because I wasn't consistent with my routine. I was frustrated with how both the topical Clearasil benzoyl peroxide cream and salicylic acid soaked Oxy pads dried out my skin.

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My Skin Pictures 1997

These pictures of my forehead, chin, and cheek skin from 1997 were taken with one of the first digital cameras ever made, a Casio QV-10A. It's hard to see in these low resolution images, but my skin was relatively clear of pimples for most of the year. It was the calm before the "acne storm" that hit during the summer between my high school and college careers. Living in South Florida with the high humidity and constant outdoor activities certainly didn't help keep my pores clean and pimple free.

Forhead Skin Picture # 1 1997
Forehead # 1
Chin Skin Picture 1997
Cheek Skin Picture 1997
Forehead Skin Picture # 2 1997
Forehead # 2

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