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Accutane Side Effects Vanishing & Clear Skin Stays # 10 2006

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In 2006,  all of the side effects that I had experienced while taking Isotretinoin completely vanished.

But the inability to wear my contact lenses while sleeping was still a problem.

I was thankful though that my eyes didn't need drops all the time, that my scalp wasn't full of dandruff, that my skin didn't feel so dry, and that my face was 99.99% acne free.

There's not much else to say for this year, and that's a good thing!

I'm still using the Dove White Beauty Bar soap that is made up of 1/4 moisturizing cream when I shower each morning to help keep my skin from feeling dry.

I'm also still using the Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 15 facial moisturizer every day to block 92% of the sun's damaging UVA & UVB ultraviolet rays.

When I go out into the sun for extended periods of time, I use Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Oil-Free SPF 30 sunscreen which blocks about 96% of UV radiation. Although now that my skin is virtually acne free, I can use any type of generic sun block and not break out. I have found the Neutrogena products to be of higher quality and I buy them in multiples for a discount from the Costco Warehouse store.

As I mentioned before, I'm a minimalist when it comes to bathroom products. I ditched the Cetaphil Lotion in favor of just using the Dove bar soap to wash my face in my morning shower and just before going to sleep.

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My Skin Pictures 2006

This year was virtually acne free thanks entirely to the six month course of Isotretinoin (Accutane & Sotret) that I took back in early 2004.

Every so often a very small pimple or two would appear on my chin, cheek, neck or forehead but they would disappear just as quickly. I didn't see a single acne cyst or deep nodule anywhere on my back, shoulders or chest the entire year.

Neck & Cheek Skin Picture - January 2006
Neck & Cheek - January 2006

Forehead Skin Picture - January 2006
Forehead - January 2006

Cheek Skin Picture - January 2006
Cheek - January 2006

Cheek, Chin & Neck Skin Picture - March 2006
Cheek & Neck - March 2006

Forehead Skin Picture - March 2006
Forehead - March 2006

Forehead Skin Picture - April 2006
Forehead - April 2006

Cheek Skin Picture - April 2006
Cheek - April 2006

Forehead Skin Picture - June 2006
Forehead - June 2006

Cheek Skin Picture - June 2006
Cheek - June 2006

Forehead Skin Picture - July 2006
Forehead - July 2006

Cheek Skin Picture - July 2006
Cheek - July 2006

Neck & Cheek - August 2006
Neck & Cheek - August 2006

Cheek Skin Picture - August 2006
Cheek - August 2006

Forehead Skin Picture - August 2006
Forehead - August 2006

Chin Skin Picture - August 2006
Chin - August 2006

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