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Trouble Free Skin After Accutane, Dry Eyes & Contacts # 11 2007

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It feels like forever since I took Isotretinoin for those 6 very long months in early 2004.

If you haven't already, please read my Accutane Journal for all the details about my experience with this powerful anti acne drug.

Once again, there's not much to report this year because my skin has been clear and trouble free.

As the title of this final installment of my acne treatment journal implies, I'm still to this day having a problem with wearing my contacts when I sleep or nap.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with how well the Isotretinoin (both the Accutane & Sotret brands) worked to permanently banish acne from my face for (hopefully) the rest of my life.


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My Skin Pictures 2007

I've only included a few photos of my face for 2007 since not much has changed with my skin this year. As you can see, my skin isn't exactly flawless but it looks so much better than it did all those years before I took Isotretinoin.

Even though I really dislike using a lot of skin care products, I've started using Neutrogena's Light Sesame Formula body lotion on my face when it feels dry but I won't be getting any sun exposure. The Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 15 facial moisturizer comes in such a tiny bottle that it feels like a waste to use it when I won't be going outdoors.

I'm trying to never become complacent so that I don't stop practicing the good habits of washing my face and using a daily sun block. The few mornings that I forget to use sun screen, I later notice a bit of sun damage from the sun's harsh UV rays that seem extra strong here in South Florida. Those occasional evenings that I neglect to wash my face before bedtime, I sometimes wake up to a tiny new pimple. That hardly bothers me anymore because of my past experiences with severe acne, but it's still a reminder that I need to continue caring for my skin.

Forehead Skin Picture - January 2007
Forehead - January 2007

Chin Skin Picture - January 2007
Chin - January 2007

Cheek Skin Picture - March 2007
Cheek - March 2007

Forehead Skin Picture - March 2007
Forehead - March 2007

Cheek Skin Picture - April 2007
Cheek - April 2007

Chin & Neck - April 2007
Chin & Neck - April 2007

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