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Acne Worsening & The Proactiv Solution - # 2 1998

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In 1998 I was a freshmen in college at a university in a land locked area of North Florida.

I would get sweaty every day walking from my apartment to the campus and sometimes I wouldn't be able to wash my face for most of the day.

My normal habit of washing my face at least twice a day and especially before bedtime started to become erratic because of late night studying sessions and going to college parties.

None of the OTC (over the counter) anti-acne products that I tried using in the past helped much. I was so embarrassed by my acne that I started becoming hesitant to even buy the products in person at a store.

Then I saw a late night infomercial for the Proactiv Solution acne management system and ordered it using the "emergency credit card" that my parents gave me.

I'm sure that the Proactiv Solution's 3 step system works well for some people but it didn't help my moderate to severe acne much at all and I soon became frustrated with it. The system is basically just a face wash with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, an astringent toner (to clean the skin & close pores), and a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream.

When I called my parents and had them cancel the Proactiv Clear Skin Club $60 per month membership that was being charged to their credit card, they suggested that we set up a dermatologist appointment for my next trip home.

I was so relieved to know that I would finally be getting professional help with this problem that was dominating my life and making me shy away from many social situations.

My Skin Pictures 1998

The fact that this area of my journal entry is missing the photos is evidence enough of how bad my acne had become in 1998. I was so camera shy because of the pimples on my face that I always managed to stay behind the camera taking pictures rather than being in them.

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