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Minocycline Oral Antibiotics, Retin-A Micro & Vitamin C - # 6 2002

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I was vigilant in 2001 about taking the 50mg minocycline oral antibiotic pills twice a day and I had seen some fairly decent results.

In 2002 I went back for another appointment with my 2nd dermatologist. I complained about the constant irritation from the topical Cleocin T Gel (clindamycin) and the Differin Gel (adapalene).

It seemed like my face was always either sunburned because of the increased photo sensitivity, peeling, or just painfully dry.

The doctor suggested that I switch to a new product, Retin-A Micro, and start applying it twice a day as my only topical anti-acne medication.

The dermatologist upped my minocycline prescription to 100mg 2x a day, and also told me to take two 500mg Vitamin C pills per day as a general anti-oxidant and immune system booster.

I was comfortable with the increased dosage of the minocycline because I felt like the oral antibiotics had been working relatively well at clearing up most of the acne on my face. But the body acne on my chest, shoulders and back was still persisting. I missed quite a few social outings at the beach, pool, river, and lake due to my body acne. I was thankful though that at least my face was clear but that wasn't enough for me since I lived in a sub tropical climate.

The Retin-A Micro was a new version of the original Retin-A that now included "microsphere delivery technology" that promised less irritation and no waiting period after washing your face. The active ingredient, tretinoin, is another Vitamin A derived anti-acne medication. Just like the other topical gels, creams or lotions, my face became red, irritated, dry, and then peeled.

After a few weeks of irritation and having to check my face in the mirror for small pieces of peeling skin, I stopped using Retin-A Micro. I know that many people have great success with the huge variety of topical anti-acne medications, but in my case they always seemed to cause more hardship than they cured.

I continued taking the Minocycline 100mg twice a day, the 500mg Vitamin C, a multivitamin and washing with the Dove Moisturizing Body Bar or Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. This skin care regiment seemed to keep the acne on my face at somewhat acceptable levels.

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My Skin Pictures 2002

As you scroll down these pictures, you'll see that the consistent use of the minocycline oral antibiotic pills in 2001 & 2002 had gradually decreased the amount of acne on my face. The improvement did cycle up and down a bit but for the most part my acne was under control.

I felt like my daily regiment of being gentle to my skin with just Dove & Neutrogena products as the only topical applications was working well. I just had to remember to take my minocycline 100mg oral antibiotic pills twice a day, wash my face 2-3 times a day, and get plenty of rest. I also found that washing my sheets and pillow cases about once a week helped reduce the number of new blemishes that I would wake up with in the morning.

Neck & Cheek Skin Picture - April 2002
Neck & Cheek - April 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - April 2002
Forehead - April 2002

Neck & Cheek Skin Picture - May 2002
Neck & Cheek - May 2002
Chin & Neck Skin Picture - May 2002
Chin & Neck - May 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - May 2002
Forehead - May 2002

Chest Skin Picture - May 2002
Chest Body Acne - May 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - June 2002
Forehead - June 2002

Neck & Cheek Skin Picture - June 2002
Neck & Cheek - June 2002

Forehead Skin Picture # 2 - June 2002
Forehead # 2 - June 2002

Neck & Cheek Skin Picture - July 2002
Neck & Cheek - July 2002

Neck & Cheek # 2 - July 2002
Neck & Cheek # 2 - July 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - July 2002
Forehead - July 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - August 2002
Forehead - August 2002

Cheek Skin Picture - August 2002
Cheek - August 2002

Chin & Neck Skin Picture - September 2002
Chin & Neck - September 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - September 2002
Forehead - September 2002

Forehead Skin Picture - December 2002
Forehead - December 2002

Cheek Skin Picture - December 2002
Cheek - December 2002

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