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Face & Body Acne Persisting, 6 Months Of Accutane # 8 2004

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At the appointment with my dermatologist in mid December 2003, I expressed how tired I was of taking antibiotics with no long lasting results.

He told me that it was time to try the "nuclear bomb" of anti-acne medications: Accutane, which is a brand name for the drug Isotretinoin.

We spent about 30 minutes, which in my experience is a very long time for a doctor's visit, talking about the possible side effects, drug interactions and the monthly liver tests.

He wrote me a prescription for 40 milligrams of Accutane two times a day for a total of 80mg per day.

The manufacturer recommended length of an Accutane course is anywhere from 15 to 20 weeks or 3.75 to 5 months.

My dermatologist decided that I should take the 80mg daily dosage of Accutane for a total of 6 months to ensure that I'd never have to deal with acne again in my lifetime.

There's so much to write about my experience with Accutane and the other generic Isotretinoin brands that I created a separate section of this site to lay out all the details. Click on the following link to read my Accutane Journal.

Here's a very brief summary. Accutane is very expensive, there are lots of annoying side effects, but it worked amazingly well. I wish I had taken it in high school rather than wasting so much time, money and effort with antibiotics or irritating topical medications.

I've been 99.9% acne free ever since then. If you plan on undergoing a course of Accutane, Sotret, Claravis, Amnesteem or any other brand name of the drug Isotretinoin, visit my more specific Accutane Journal page. On it I offer suggestions on how to alleviate the side effects with product recommendations, the costs of the treatment and what to expect.

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My Skin Pictures 2004

In the first image below, you can see some of the bright red marks left over from my two week initial Accutane breakout. The doctor had warned me about the initial breakout by explaining that Accutane would shrink my sebaceous glands thus forcing them to excrete copious amounts of oily pore clogging sebum.

It was the worst breakout of my life. Luckily I had the option of escaping to my parent's house for a week long "visit" while my face healed. The red marks from this massive break out took weeks to completely fade away.

As you scroll down this page from January to December 2004, you'll notice that the pictures of my skin start to look clearer every month. To see my more specific Accutane Treatment Before & After Pictures page, click on the link in this sentence.

During the months of March & August when I received the most amount of sun exposure due to Spring Break and a summer vacation, my face looks bright red almost as if I had been sunburned. This was caused by an increased sensitivity to the sun's UV light, which is a well known side effect of Accutane (and many other anti-acne drugs).

Near the bottom of the page is a photo of my hairy chest that thanks to Accutane, was finally free of those deep and painful severe acne vulgaris cystic nodules. In the years before taking this miracle drug, I had been very glad to have a hairy chest since it helped to hide some of my body acne.

Cheek Skin Picture - January 4th 2004
Cheek - January 4th 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - January 4th 2004
Forehead - January 4th 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - January 4th 2004
Forehead # 2 - Jan. 4th 2004

Cheek, Neck & Chin Skin Picture - January 5th 2004
Cheek & Neck - Jan. 5th 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - January 5th 2004
Forehead # 3 - Jan. 5th 2004

Neck & Cheek Skin Picture - January 12th 2004
Neck & Cheek - Jan. 12th '04

Forehead Skin Picture - February 2004
Forehead - February 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - February 2004
Cheek - February 2004

Chin & Neck Skin Picture - February 2004
Chin & Neck - February 2004

Forehead Skin Picture # 2 - February 2004
Forehead # 2 - February 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - March 2004
Forehead - March 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - March 2004
Cheek - March 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - April 2004
Forehead - April 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - April 2004
Cheek - April 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - May 2004
Forehead - May 2004

Chin Skin Picture - May 2004
Chin - May 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - May 2004
Cheek - May 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - August 2004
Forehead - August 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - August 2004
Cheek - August 2004

Chest Skin Picture - August 2004
Chest (No Body Acne!) - Aug. '04

Cheek & Neck - August 2004
Neck & Cheek - August 2004

Cheek & Neck Skin Picture - September 2004
Neck & Cheek - September '04

Forehead Skin Picture - September 2004
Forehead - September 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - October 2004
Forehead - October 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - October 2004
Cheek - October 2004

Forehead Skin Picture - December 2004
Forehead - December 2004

Cheek Skin Picture - December 2004
Cheek - December 2004

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