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Dove Soap Moisturizing Beauty Bar Review
My personal opinion of the Dove Soap Classic Beauty Bar as part of a daily anti-acne regiment.

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I've been using the Dove Soap Moisturizing Beauty Bar for as long as I can remember. It's what my mother used to buy for the household when I was a kid.

I love how gentle this Dove soap is on my skin compared to all the other scented gimmicky bar soaps I tried when I moved away to go to college.

After suffering through more than the usual amount of break outs during my freshmen year of college, I switched back to using the plain old Dove 1/4 moisturizing cream beauty bar.

During my college career when acne started to really become a problem, the Dove soap couldn't cure it. For that I needed years of oral antibiotics, and then 6 months of Accutane before I was finally "cured".

Even though the Dove soap couldn't make my acne completely disappear, it was always a soothing relief in comparison to the irritating topical medications I was constantly using on my face.

Apparently they also make a "Sensitive Skin" version of this product but I've never tried it. Now that the Isotretinoin has cleared up my skin for good and the regular Dove soap still works great, I have no reason to start trying new products.

If for some reason the Dove Beauty Bar doesn't agree with your skin, I'd recommend trying the bar soap from Cetaphil, Neutrogena or Aveeno. I've heard great things about all of those other brands as well.

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