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Doxycycline Anti-Acne Oral Antibiotic Review
My opinion of the oral antibiotic Doxycycline as part of an anti-acne regiment.

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My first dermatologist appointment was in 1999 during my sophomore year of college.

The doctor prescribed the oral antibiotic Doxycycline for my "mild to moderate" acne.

I was first started on a low dosage of 50mg twice a day and then later the doctor upped the dose to 100mg twice a day.

I found that the pills made me nauseous unless I took them with a complete meal or at least a full glass of water.

Sometimes a pill would even get stuck in my throat and then I'd cough up a cloud of antibiotic dust. It wasn't as much fun as it sounds.

I did have some limited success with the doxycycline clearing up my face but only when I remembered to take it religiously.

As with any antibiotic, you have to take every single pill at the correct time of the day for them to work their best. Consistency is the key and that's just something I couldn't manage as a busy college student. I missed taking at least a few pills every week so the doxycycline never had a chance to control the blemish causing P. Acnes bacteria on my face.

If you have mild to moderate acne and your dermatologist prescribes you doxycycline, or any other antibiotic, find a way to take every pill on time every day without fail. Don't make the same mistake that I made.

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