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Neutrogena Body Clear Anti-Acne Product Review
My opinion of the Neutrogena Body Clear body wash product as part of a daily anti-acne regiment.

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In 1998, during my first year of college, my acne started to get much worse than it had been in high school.

The acne had spread from just my face to other parts of my body such as my back, shoulders, and chest.

At first most of the "body acne" blemishes were just small pimples but then I started to see some deep cystic acne nodules.

I was really self conscious about taking off my shirt with these new acne blemishes all over my back, shoulders and chest.

When I saw the Neutrogena "Body Clear" product in the store I immediately bought it hoping that it could help alleviate my body acne.

I had used Neutrogena products in the past such as their sun screen, facial wash, and face moisturizer.

The first time I used Neutrogena Body Clear in the shower, I noticed that it was very thick with lots of tiny "exfoliating" particles. It was hard to squeeze it out of the bottle but I later learned to put a few drops of water in to make it flow easier.

The Neutrogena Body Clear contains 2% salicylic acid (a "keratolytic" or peeling agent), which helps to remove dead skin cells from inside your pores, and prevents them from clogging. To get the best results from using this body wash, you really have to lather it up well and then let it sit for at least a few minutes. The salicylic acid needs some time to sink into your pores, but if you have sensitive skin don't wait too long to wash it off.

It worked well to keep the small pimples on my back, shoulders and chest from hanging around for too long but the Neutrogena Body Clear didn't have much effect on the deep painful cystic acne nodules.

The only thing that worked to clear up the "severe" acne cysts was consistent usage of antibiotics and finally a 6 month course of Accutane (a.k.a. Isotretinoin).

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